Raga rock harmony is an approach to unify Indian Classical Music in its absolute purity to Rock format and style. And as such I consciously call it Unification. The purpose of doing so is to unfold the beauty and melody of Indian Classical Music with its intricacies to the global audience through a comfortable and known format. I feel this corroborative raga-rock approach will stimulate the present generation to explore Ragas in its pure form to create better melodies all over the world. The entire content of this site is made simple and easy to understand the essence of Indian Classical Music without any compromise so that one can be his own Guru without having the legacy of ICM.

Each composition is based on a single Raga with its rigourous structure. I have tried to transmit the fragrance and mood of each Raga in a very short span of time, 5-7 minutes, so that it suits the pace of our present life style. More specifically it is an endeavour to identify a Raga by its foot print i.e. not only by its characteristic tune and style of playing  but by its note structures as is done in Western forms of music i.e. different scales which go by note structures only.


The tracks under "raagas played" are from my solo instrumental project "ARCANE ACCORD"

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The sound clippings and compositions played here are Ragas in classic Rock format and are copyright protected.